Photo courtesy of Bob Humphrey, founder of Fresh Start Ministries

 Does Yours?


            Mini-blinds askew.  Archery practice at the front door.  A missing cross.  The leaning belfry.  Cyber sermons beamed in from on “high.”  A dream of reaching the countryside for Christ . . . dead.  Turkey buzzards hungrily looking for one last meal, ready to pick the body clean.  Too late!  Only the skeleton of the dream is left, an empty hulk of fiery sermons and passionate evangelistic appeal, the laughter of children and the tears of the repentant . . .  a building left to time, the elements and the critters of the countryside.  An effort was made to salvage the fellowship—new siding, the start of a new roof.  However, the efforts were too little too late.  Another fellowship dies a grinding, painful death! 


A new shell on the outside could not stop the decay on the inside.


 Fresh Start


Helping to quench the fires of unresolved conflict

. . .

Helping to ignite fires of revival

with pastors, and plateaued, declining and troubled churches


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