Sunrise or sunset?  The little speck of light in the lower left of the picture is the headlamp of a car.  Will the driver soon be turning his lights off because the day is dawning or will he leave them on because darkness is falling?  It is hard to tell just by looking at this photograph.  Without knowing all the facts one may never know.  In the same way many churches are very creative at hiding the true facts concerning their health.  Often churches blindly ignore reality.  Outwardly it is difficult to tell of they are having a new beginning or if they are heading into their sunset years.  Only with careful assessment can the true state of health be known.  79% of the churches in America are plateaued or declining with a full 51% in decline.  7 to 10 churches close their doors each day.  Fresh Start Ministries is a ministry designed to help troubled churches get a new lease on life!  Is your church one of the 85% that is beginning the precipitous slide down hill?

Fresh Start uses the medical model in examining churches.  Just as a patient goes to a doctor seeking a good diagnosis based on good medical practices and principles Fresh Start endeavors to examine churches based on a thorough examination of the church, the community and the church's leadership structure.  Recommendations are made based on these diagnoses. The recommendations come from years of practical ministry experience and know how. 

Sunrise or sunset for your church?  Need help?  Give us a call or e-mail us.  We would love to be a tool used by the Lord in your church to help bring about a Fresh Start.

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