Our Vision:

Fresh Starts!

Psalm 51:12


  • CHURCHES—believing that all churches matter to God and that they are God’s instruments for fulfilling His redemptive plans in this world.
  • LEADERSHIP—believing that God uses leaders and that everything rises and falls with effective leadership.
  • INTEGRITY—believing that honesty, openness and truthfulness spoken in love is God’s mandate for leadership communication. 
  • BIBLE—believing that it is the inerrant and final authority in all matters and the one true absolute in a relative and changing world. It is a compass to be trusted and obeyed. 
  • INFORMATION—believing that knowledge and successful decision-making are linked through prayerful and careful assessment. 
  • ABIDING IN CHRIST—believing that Christ is the vine and we are branches and that true fruitfulness both individually and corporately comes from abiding in Christ (John 15).

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